Showing Horses

Intersted in showing horses?

Daniel Training Center is home of our Show Team. If you are interested in completing from a start up level to a national level, contact Julie or Kasey for more information.

Go to our show team website for more details.

Leasing a Horse

Leasing Options

Do you enjoy riding, but can’t afford to buy your own horse? Are you considering buying a horse, but are unsure if you’re ready for the commitment of horse ownership? Would you like to own a horse, but don’t have the time to care for one on a regular basis? If so, leasing a horse may be a good option for you.Leasing comes in two main varieties:  Share-Leasing and Full Leasing

The terms on all leases may be for a set period of time, such as a year or six months, or, it might operate on a month-by-month basis;  A liability form must be signed along with a lease contract. On a full-lease horse the lessee is required to carry medical/mortality insurance for the term of the lease. Show lease  is an option, additional fees will apply.

Talk to your instructor for more details