Silver Stirrup Tournaments

What are tournaments

Our Silver Stirrup Tournament series are designed to provide an opportunity for all levels of riders to gain confidence and build self-esteem while developing riding skills in a fun and safe environment. 

Tournaments are on Apex property held on Sundays though-out the year. No horse ownership required.  Great stepping stone to move up into Academy.  

Contact your instructor for more details

Academy Program

What is Academy

If you or your child decides to show, he or she will start out competing in what is called “Academy”, The purpose of Academy competition is to expose riders to the joys of showing at an affordable cost, to increase new interest in the show horse industry, and to encourage the student to improve his or her riding ability. Horses in Academy classes must be lesson horses used regularly in a professionally operated lesson program so owning your own horse is not required. All Academy classes are to be judged on the ability of the rider to control their horse to the best of their abilities. 

Contact your instructor for more details

Showing Horses

Intersted in showing horses?

Daniel Training Center is home of our Show Team. If you are interested in completing from a start up level to a national level, contact Julie or Kasey for more information.

Go to our show team website for more details.

Leasing a Horse

Leasing Options

Do you enjoy riding, but can’t afford to buy your own horse? Are you considering buying a horse, but are unsure if you’re ready for the commitment of horse ownership? Would you like to own a horse, but don’t have the time to care for one on a regular basis? If so, leasing a horse may be a good option for you.Leasing comes in two main varieties:  Share-Leasing and Full Leasing

Talk to your instructor for more details