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What to expect in your first lesson:

Our goal is to make sure that every rider is safe yet challenged and set up for success with every lesson at Apex Riding Academy. Your first lesson will be an introduction to our instructors, our barn, our wonderful lesson horses, and the very first steps in riding a horse. 

Please note that while you are scheduled for a 30-minute time slot, that does not mean that your rider will be on a horse for the entire 30 minutes. Particularly the first few lessons, their riding times might be less as there is a significant amount of information that we go over on the ground prior to getting on that is crucial to setting them up for success. 

Riders are asked to arrive in long pants (jeans or long, thick leggings preferred; no sweatpants), socks, a sturdy shoe with a heel (no open toes, sandals, cowboy boots, or fashion boots). We happily provide helmets for all riders. 

We will begin the lesson with a tour of the facility, our background, and an introduction to your riding instructor. The tour will lead you to our lesson area where your instructor will introduce you to the lesson horses, show you how to pet and feed horses, go over how to fit helmets, attire, and how to lead a horse prior to walking out into the arena with your horse. We encourage you to follow along and learn with your child about safety around horses. When they walk out to the arena with their horse, their first lesson will either be in our bull pen or in the main arena with a leader. Barn volunteers may be asked to lead your riders horse during their lesson. This allows the instructor to provide undivided attention to your rider as they learn the most important lessons of riding horses. 

  Lesson Scheduling: Apex Riding Academy schedules lessons on a "first come-first serve" for all students. So please contact your instructor if you'd like to ride during morning hours on school breaks and early release days. 

Cancellation policy: Apex Riding Academy has a firm cancellation policy in place to help our program run smoothly and efficiently. Please ensure that you contact your instructor no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time. If you fail to cancel or reschedule prior to 24 hours or the day before your scheduled lesson time you will forfeit a lesson from your package. “No-shows” will also result in a deduction of a full lesson from your lesson package


Discovery Days:  This Spring Apex Riding Academy will be introducing our Discovery Day program. This program will happen approximately once a month with activities such as Horse Anatomy, Mommy and Me Classes, Tiny Tot Classes, and many other topics! Please stay tuned for more information and announcements on our Discovery Days.

Spotlight Student

Melissa Brown

I like the Arabian Breed because: 

They are super cool, funny and kind.

I chose Apex Riding Academy because:

It was a much nicer place than the other barns

we looked at and everyone was nicer.

I enjoy riding because:

I feel like I am accomplishing alot

when I ride and it's so much fun!


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