Summer - Need to know

Summer Hours: Apex Riding Academy is now switching over to our summer hours! Because of the excessive heat of Arizona our program has to change a bit to accommodate our lesson horses, kids, and instructors to keep everyone cool and safe in the heat. All apex lessons will now consist of ½ an hour ride time. If you would like to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier than your scheduled lesson time you are more than welcome to help prepare your horse with one of our working students. If not then your horse will be ready for you to step right on. Lessons will be available from 7am-Noon until weather breaks in the fall.

Returning from summer break:  Apex Riding Academy is now requiring a two week notice with the purchase of a package to ensure availability of your prefered time slot to come returning in the fall. With fall hours there are limitations on time slot availability, to be able to accomodate first come-first serve for both students that are continuing lessons during the summer as well as our students that are taking the summer off. So please contact your instructor two weeks prior to your estimated return to discuss scheduling. 

Sale & Lease Horses: Apex Riding Academy and Daniel Training Center always have horses available for show lease and for sale. If you are thinking about either option for your child or your family we would love to have a meeting to discuss your thoughts and future plans. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please contact Julie or Kasey to set up a meeting on lease options or purchasing a horse!

Cancellation policy: Apex Riding Academy has a firm cancellation policy in place to help our program run smoothly and efficiently. Please ensure that you contact your instructor no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time. If you fail to cancel or reschedule prior to 24 hours or the day before your scheduled lesson time you will forfeit a lesson from your package. “No-shows” will also result in a deduction of a full lesson from your lesson package


Discovery Days:  This summer Apex Riding Academy will be introducing our Discovery Day program. This program will happen approximately once a month with activites such as Horse Anatomy, Mommy and Me Classes, Tiny Tot Classes, and many other topics! Please stay tuned for more information and announcments on our Discovery Days.

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Spotlight Student

Lilah Belle Buczkowski

I like the Arabian Breed because: 

They are strong, beautiful and smart. 

Their colors are amazing, I just really love them!

I chose Apex Riding Academy because:

At Apex, it's not just about the horses, it's about building up your skills. How you do that is with your teachers, they help you build your confidence. Me & Miss Katie are perfect together. 

Apex is really passionate about horses and  they make me a better rider. They keep adding to your skills so even if you're an expert you can still learn more. To me, Apex is the universe of horses!

I enjoy riding because:

It's really challenging, and I like that! You can't just get it in one second, you have to work at it.

I also really like to be around the horses, they are like friends.


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